Paul Schrader - Time

“I love the sensual approach to art, the worlds of color and their composition on the canvas. Although the moment of movement has long since passed, the movement has an effect right into the now and yet is frozen on the canvas, in a time capsule. Fine nuances of color merge on closer inspection into delicate tones”, says Paul Schrader about his way of making art.  

Schrader, educated lawyer and self-taught artist, has a thing for colors, large scale canvases and graffiti. These aspects he then combines in his artworks, exploring the relationship between various paints, playing with layers and reminiscing graffiti from the early 90s. All of that combined feels like poetry for the viewer and puts them in an almost sensual relationship to the painting. “Colors and shapes can create a feeling like magic. And through the view, a relationship is created for a moment between the work of art and the viewer, detached from theories and reality, and for the one moment a feeling arises, which may change the viewer”, the artist says.  

The sensual delight with colors and compositions hits a nerve in the art world. How the artist manages to set intimate moods while hitting the Zeitgeist of today’s art scene have made Schrader one of the most prestigious emerging artists within the past years.  

His work TIME is a 24-Hour Physical Drop only available on misa.art until May 18th at 6PM CEST. Each edition is individualized by the artist himself by spray-painting a finish on the corner of the work. 

Paul Schrader - Time


1 Paul´s shoes are either too small or too large.  

2 Paul loves colorful paintings but wears black.  

3 Everybody seems be better than Paul when it comes to Mario Kart.  

4 Paul loves washing clothes but can´t empty a dishwasher in days.  

5 Favorite fruit is pineapple.  

6 Favorite fruit is also watermelon.  

7 The worst thing to watch on TV is comedy, it’ just never funny.  

8 Paul was about to become a pilot, but the airline declined because of his bad speeding records on the road. Although there are no speed cameras in the air.  

9 Paul loves umbrellas for the cozy feeling walking in the rain without getting wet, but when it starts to rain, he usually is on the way without one. 

10 There are just two dishes Paul can cook, and one of them is actually fried Spaghetti Bolognese and steak. He is improving his kitchen skills though. 

The 24-Hour Physical Drop TIME by Paul Schrader is available until May 18th 2022 at 6PM CEST only via misa.art!

Credits Featured Image: Philippe Gerlach