Egor Lovki’s world is one where reality meets fantasy, and contrary juxtapositions harmoniously merge. In Lovki’s world, real existing characters and situations from his personal everyday life are translated and expanded by fictional forms and imagery, resulting in mixed media paintings showing fantastic beings of half human and half animal. Lovki’s motifs are comic-like and brought to life with vibrant colors and through the combination of different media. His mixed media works consist of oil paint, mosaic, metal or glue, differing in their texture and material characteristics.  

With his special way of artistic expression, Egor Lovki has established his voice within the scene. The Russia born and Vienna based artist uses his works to approach complex facts and tell stories that instead of drama and pathos exude hope and optimism. Creating is Lovki’s way of taking social responsibility, trying to document the best, the most interesting or the worst. The protagonists of his pictorial worlds serve as inclusive figures of identification and question societal hierarchies and outdated value systems.   

Egor Lovki currently studies at the Academy of Fine Art in Vienna and regularly exhibits his works in galleries and at artist fairs across Europe, for example at the POP UP last April in Berlin.  

Egor Lovki is part of ARTIST FAIR Mallorca at CCA Andratx until August 13th. The artworks are exclusively available on!