Maxime Ballesteros belongs to a rare breed of photographers, whose images speak the language of raw authenticity and deep intimacy, telling stories of life’s most intense moments while creating immediacy. Resulting from the artist’s sense for the perfect snapshot, his empathy towards his motifs, and a unique visual language consisting of bright colors and the extensive use of flash, Ballesteros creates images full of poetry, personality, and passion. Whether the subjective microcosm of a party night or a pair of high heels on anonymous legs, Maxime Ballesteros’s photographs pulse with intensity and radiate with sexual energy.

Looking at Maxime Ballesteros’s photographs, the viewer can almost sense the privacy in the pictures created by the artist and the sitters responding to him. The intimacy in his images results from Ballesteros’s ability to build an intimate relationship with his subjects, encouraging them to reveal the humanity of their flaws and charms. The sense of this visceral connection between photographer and sitter captivates the observer and arouses the feeling of witnessing something intimate.

When Lyon-born Maxime Ballesteros first picked up a camera, he was in high school, shy and amazed by the thought of hiding behind the lens. Strictly taking black-and-white photographs of architecture and nature, Ballesteros spent hours in the school’s dark room exploring the medium of photography. Since then, a lot of things have changed, starting with Maxime Ballesteros using flash-light and bright colors in his images and putting people and their stories into focus, exploring the most intense and beautiful aspects of the rough reality we live in. Throughout time, the one never-changing thing has always been his dedication to taking photos.

When he moved to Berlin in 2007, Maxime Ballesteros became the brilliant chronist of the city’s nightlife. Party scenes, portrayals of his friends, sexual symbols like high heels and leather mixed with the ordinary of the everyday have grown into the photographer’s preferred motifs and remind us of Renaissance paintings as well as early photographs of the decadent 20s and 80s. Ballesteros' distinctive works have appeared in international magazines such as 032c, W Magazine, and i-D, he has collaborated with brands such as Acne Studios, Louis Vuitton, and Adidas, and he has participated in solo and group shows throughout Europe and the United States. In 2017, Maxime Ballesteros published his first book, "Les Absents", presented by Sang Bleu Publishing and Hatje Cantz, featuring his most prestigious artworks.

Maxime Ballesteros will release his work "Burning Bridges" as a 24-Hour Edition Drop on October 27th at 6PM CEST. Alongside this drop, his works "(LA)HORDE" and "Man's Best Friend" will be available as limited and signed editions. Please click HERE to find out more and to collect the artist's work. 

Maxime Ballesteros, Mirrors, Paris 2018.
Maxime Ballesteros, Valerie, Berlin 2015.
Maxime Ballesteros, Nadja les jambes croiseés, Berlin 2016.
Maxime Ballesteros, Untitles, Forcalquier 2021.