CB Hoyo’s Instagram bio reads “international pornstar and dsylexic poet”, and while one can only imagine the first part, CB Hoyo has been finding expression for the second part by creating distinctive text art. His corny quotes comment on society’s essence and bizarre happenings and transforms issues revolving around social media impact, consumerism, moral values or the human condition into statement art pieces. Combining colorful text art with on-point statements and adding the right amount of irony, the artist has found a way of artistically expressing himself and speak out loud what others think.  

As a self-taught artist, CB Hoyo’s practice consists of paintings, sculptures, and installations. Defying art classical canons with a playful aesthetic, he challenges our painting expectations and reinterprets his medium in a modern context. By doing so, the artist never forgets to add just the right amount of humor letting his audience know that life should never be too serious. CB Hoyo spoke to about developing his distinctive style, the influence social media has on his art and his 24-Hour Physical Drop on on July 14th.  

What was the moment you decided you wanted to be an artist? 

I’ve been doing art ever since I can remember, but in 2017 I decided to quit my mortal job to become an “artist”. Before that, I worked as a chef at a restaurant. I was doing 14+ hours shifts, and it all got to a point I was burned out of this lifestyle. At that moment, the only thing that made me happy was the few hours a day I would spend making art. So, I said fuck it and quit my job to do art full time. I was young, broke, and without a plan. I just knew that art was the only thing that made me happy.  

How has your work evolved ever since you started? 

When I started doing art full time, I was working on my “Fakes”-series. In this series, I would paint and fake contemporary masterpieces and then deface them by writing on top of them my thoughts about life and the art world. I learned new techniques with the "Fakes" - is there a better way of understanding art techniques and using new materials than by faking masterpieces? After more or less two years of working with the Fakes, I got bored and decided to stop making them. I felt that with the Fakes, I was not being able to express myself purely. So I decided to switch to only text artworks. My handwriting is very special to me; it’s part of my identity. 

What is your work process like? Do you follow a structured routine? 

I don’t have a routine. I work when I feel inspired or when I have a deadline. Ideas come to me at any given moment. I usually write them down in the notes section on my phone. If the urge to realize the idea is big, I sketch it. I’ll take it to its final medium if I like how it looks on paper. There are days I stay in the studio for 10 hours, and maybe out of the 10 hours, I work for 30 minutes. 

As a multidisciplinary artist, would you say there is one discipline you prefer over others? 

Lately, I’ve had a thing for painting with colored pencils on top of raw canvas. I’ve also been exploring digital animations and furniture making. I wouldn’t say I like limiting myself to just one medium; I really enjoy trying out new things.  

You have a following of almost 500k on Instagram. What role does Social Media play in your work? 

I use social media to see what’s happening worldwide and what people think about certain topics. Sometimes having a big audience helps with this. I use it as a medium to express my thoughts to the world. I’ve lost around 100k followers since last year. This is due to me not posting as much as I used to. Before, I would post daily; now, I post maybe a few items monthly. Due to not posting, Instagram has shadow-banned me and doesn’t let people see my work. In all honesty, I haven’t been happier. Others would lose their mind about losing 20% of their Instagram following; I honestly don’t care. With time I’ve realized social media is not social. Social media is not the product; we are the product.  

In your work, serious topics of society meet biting irony. How do you manage to not take things too seriously in life? 

Life is too short to take things too seriously. If there’s one thing for sure in life, it’s that sooner or later, we’re all dying, so we might as well enjoy our short stay in this realm. Not getting bothered by stupid, unimportant things. If something has a solution, fix it; if it doesn’t, learn to live with it and laugh. Mejore reír que llorar. 

You recently collaborated with Evgen Copi Gorisek. Collaborations like this one are rare in the art world. How did it happen, and what were your ideas behind it? 

I’ve been friends with Evgen for about two years. We first collaborated on a piece a year ago. I don’t remember where the idea of collaborating on a piece came from. It’s something that happened spontaneously. We were in Capri for his solo show opening there at PlanX. I remember we were together at a beach club when we did the first piece ever. Every time we spend some days together, we end up making some collab works; so far, we’ve done four of them. It’s pretty fun to work with him. The works are always diptychs. He takes one side where he paints his subject, and then I take the other side where I write something. The pieces make sense by themselves, but they create a bigger image and higher meaning when put together. Sometimes Evgen shows me the image he’ll be painting, and then I come up with a text related to it. Other times I come up with a text, and he finds an image that goes with the text. Later this year in Miami, we’ll be showing new works we’re currently working on together. 

Which one is your favorite corny quote? 

 “FUCK YOU”. It’s not a quote, but for me, it is. 

The work STAND INFRONT AND PRETEND YOU'RE INTO ART by CB Hoyo will drop on July 14th on and Artsy and will be available for 24 hours. Each edition is signed by the artist and comes with an additional print and crayons for the collectors to create their own corny quote. Sign up HERE to get all the updates on the drop!