Lou de Bètoly (b. 1985) is a Berlin-based artist who learned a variety of handcraft skills during her childhood, including hand knitting, crocheting, and embroidery. She worked at Jean Paul Gaultier's Paris studio for a few seasons after graduating in fashion design and pattern drafting with a focus on Haute Couture in 2006.

Bètoly's most recent works, which incorporate abstract and surreal innocence into distinct graphic textures, are the result of several years of experimenting in fashion, sculpting, and sketching. The artist's lighthearted and colorful method of accumulating ideas from scratch and translating them into sculptural output finally leads to the materialization of daydreaming. Archaic characters come in a variety of colorful disguises, such as apples or rabbits. In a humorous approach, the artist veers and plays around the boundaries of applied arts, questioning functionality as well as objects themselves, taking into account time and the spirit of creation, and hence story and history.

"My work is done with what I know intimately; needles and yarn. I am dealing with tradition while also rejecting it. I play with the ornamental and narrative sides of tapestry. With an intuitive approach, I let the work grow inevitably. In 2020, LAPIN ET JARDIN came to life, born out of curiosity. It juxtaposes sexuality and innocence in an otherwise precariously vague universe," Bètoly says.

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