Welcoming this week with a lot of art-news to look forward to! The next 24-Hour Physical Drop by Hannah Müller-Hillebrand is going to be released this Thursday, August 11th at 6PM CEST, with the edition revolving around feminist art, new artworks have just been added to the selection shown at MISA MALLORCA, which still can be explored until August 13th on-location at CCA Andratx and online. Two of the artists showing in Mallorca are Ditte Ejlerskov, the artist of the week on, and LoopingLovers, who created the NFT of the week “Early”, and multidisciplinary artist Christian Holze presents this week’s NFT booth on!  

24h drop: Hannah Müller-Hillebrand “HEAVY SPACE”  

Creating comes naturally for Hannah Müller-Hillebrand. Whether moving, drawing, designing or painting, Hannah finds various outlets for her creativity, following a holistic approach towards artistry. For the self-taught artist creating supports the journey to self-love, allowing herself to channel inner freedom and seeing also herself as an artwork. Her work “HEAVY SPACE” features the outline of a women’s body drawn in simple white chalk on a dark background. Each edition will be individualized by the artist herself by drawing the outline of the figure and her signature in randomly chosen chalk colors. ⁠The 24-Hour Physical Drop will be released this Thursday, August 11th at 6PM CEST, exclusively on Find all the info and sign up for updates on the drop HERE!  

New artworks added to MISA MALLORCA 

The selection shown at MISA MALLORCA at CCA Andratx just grew by various newly added artworks. Two works by Danish multidisciplinary artist Ditte Ejlerskov as well as another piece by Georg Haberler complete the exhibition, that can be explored on-location in Mallorca and online until August 13th. The selection of artists opens up a multifaceted insight into an international and vibrant art scene. Whether painting, photography, sculpture, textile art, light objects or NFTs - the group show is a cross-section of what young progressive art has to offer. Browse through and buy the selection HERE!  

Artist of the week: Ditte Ejlerskov 

Introducing the artist of the week: Ditte Ejlerskov! The Danish creative follows a multifaceted approach, creating paintings, sculpture as well as NFT art. Ejlerskov’s practice consists of interaction with the internet, including everything from written correspondence with scammers, paparazzi photographs or contemporary music videos. Ditte Ejlerskov is part of MISA MALLORCA with various artworks, of which all of them are made up of many thin, almost transparent layers of painting and medium in which the various sounds vibrate and work through the layers. Find out more about Ditte Ejlerskov’s works HERE

NFT of the week: Looping Lovers – Early  

450 unique still Artificial Intelligence artworks, resulting in one collective animation – the work “EARLY” by LoopingLovers is the NFT of the week on! As part of the series INTIME, the digital artwork preserves and compose the feeling of floating in the moment. Arrive, happen, be done when it should be, and it is never too early or late. Both works of the series are part of the NFT booth at MISA MALLORCA. Check it out HERE!  

NFT booth: Christian Holze  

The NFT booth of the week is presented by Christian Holze. In his work, Holze combines various artistic categories into hybrids: sculpture, painting, 3D processing and installation. For him, exploring and dissolving these categories is just as essential as the fusion of analog and digital working practices. Christian Holze’s NFT series is based on a floral painting that was obtained from an art copy manufacturer's data archive. The reference image is chosen at random by a computer and covered with a 3D-generated paint splash. A splash is an inscription gesture in a piece of art that corresponds to the artist's signature. Check out the NFT booth HERE!