misa.art offers a carefully curated selection of art from the primary and secondary market. It is the only online marketplace that brings emerging and established artists together and offers a range of physical and digital art. Ultra Contemporary artists are presented alongside the classics of art history from the past 70 years. The selection of new discoveries and canonical works is constantly being expanded, and NFTs and editions are regularly dropped.

misa.art covers the full spectrum of the art market: private sales and the secondary market, the primary market with sales directly from artists and through galleries, 24 Hour Limited Edition and NFT Drops, NFTs and fractionalization (coming soon). 

misa.art: Entry Point and Democratization

misa.art is the entry point into the art market and contributes to its democratization. Both artists and collectors will be given access to new ways of selling and buying art online. Depending on your preferences, click and buy or face-to-face meetings with experts who are on hand to provide advice are possible. Information and expertise, transparency and knowledge, storytelling and experience enliven the online platform. At the same time, they facilitate quick orientation and the acquisition of knowledge regarding the significance and prices of works on offer. Rankings and statistics, studio visits to artists and reports from collectors offer deeper insights and help you to become an art market insider.

misa.art: Trust and Transparency

To both strengthen trust in the offers on misa.art and enable a reliable and objective assessment based on data, rankings by ArtFacts are included on the artists’ pages. ArtFacts creates transparency in the art world with the largest existing curatorial art database, which includes more than 700,000 artists who are tracked by more than 45,000 institutions worldwide. The ArtFacts Artist Ranking measures the position of artists in the art world based on their exhibition history. When an artist participates in an exhibition, ArtFacts collects data in order to determine how that show affects the artist's ranking.

misa.art also utilizes Limna's machine learning engine, which analyzes millions of art world data points in seconds and provides instant price validation and insights. Limna is the world's first AI-powered art advisor, available as a mobile app on iOS devices. By comparing the valuation with the offer price, a confident decision based on meaningful data can be made when buying art.

misa.art: NFTs and Digital Art

The NFT marketplace on misa.art bridges the gap between the traditional art world and the crypto world with a broad and diverse selection of artists. It brings together the most important voices from each world with the aim of presenting the state of the art in the NFT space. 

The acronym NFT stands for non-fungible token. NFTs certify that a digital asset is unique and therefore not interchangeable. If you collect NFTs, you purchase tokens and the objects associated with them. These objects can be anything, for example, digital works of art or virtual real estate, music pieces or card collections. The NFT is stored on the blockchain, it is unique, authenticated, and cannot be forged. 

Until now, digital art has not had the same value as painting because it could be easily copied and shared. The new technology is revolutionizing the art market: it ensures that digital art can finally be collected just like traditional painting or sculpture. 

misa.art offers NFTs minted by artists on the primary market. Art can not only be bought, but also be sold on the secondary market. With every secondary market sale the seller receives 90%, the remaining 10% cover the Artist's Resale Right and service charges.

misa.art makes NFTs accessible for everyone. Non crypto-native users can easily purchase an NFT using a credit card, the wallet is automatically created at checkout. They can view their collection using only an email. It is also possible to pay in crypto currencies such as ETH and Bitcoin. Available are unique artworks, limited and open editions. 

misa.art works with Ethereum, Polygon, and Flow, a fast, decentralized, and environmentally friendly blockchain, designed as the foundation for a new generation of games, apps, and the digital assets that power them. It is a proof of stake blockchain which allows for overall lower transaction fees. Flow uses less than 1GWh of power in a year. Ethereum in comparison uses approximately 8TWh per year. 

misa.art: Storytelling and Experiences

To provide you with more knowledge and information about art, artists, and the art market, misa.art magazine regularly publishes a range of articles detailing unexpected facts about artists, conversations between artists, and reports from collectors. The series UNEXPECTED FACTS about artists breaks with clichés about being an artist and shows that there is no classic career path leading into the art world. In the DREAM TEAM series of talks, artists come together and discuss topics such as success, provocation, kitsch, and technology. In the series WHY DO YOU COLLECT ART? collectors tell us why they collect art and what criteria they use when buying art.