Auriea harvey
Rome, ITA

Auriea Harvey’s work combines digital and physical processes to create sculptures that bridge physical space and mixed reality. Drawing on her extensive experience in net art and video games, she brings to her sculptures personal narratives and character development. 

Sifting through artifacts of western culture, Harvey sets out to find herself and trace her African-American diasporic lineage. The objects concerned are hybrid products, made in Western Europe but borrowing from its colonies. Her influences are evident in her sculptures, where they fuse with her own creations to reinvent, reinterpret and retell new narratives.

"It’s a paradox: when a dream comes true, I just get bigger dreams."

The Mystery v5-dv2 (chroma screen) - Loop 1, 2021

video loop 4k
open edition
€100 €119,00 incl. VAT.
THE MYSTERY is an excerpt from an interactive artwork that provides infinite views of the digital sculpture THE MYSTERY v5-dv2 (CHROMA SCREEN). Th...

THE MYSTERY is an excerpt from an interactive artwork that provides infinite views of the digital sculpture THE MYSTERY v5-dv2 (CHROMA SCREEN). The intense chromatic palette and endless rotation is unsettling, and amongst it all a face and skull can be seen as the work shifts between figuration and abstraction, depending on the view.


The Mystery v5-dv2 (chroma screen) – Still 1, 2021

The Mystery v5-dv2 (chroma screen) – Still 1, 2021



What is the driving force behind your art?

Each work comes from a dream. It’s speculative. What if there were no borders, between countries, races, or the real and virtual worlds? Between myth and history, past and future, you and me? To create with sculptural imagination, I find the technology and forms to set these dreams free. My work never ends but instead becomes ever more expansive and more material. I reach out to people, find the space and time to create, and work with others. Art history, sculpture, drawing, the internet, video games, XR, NFTs, have all played a role in making some part of my dreams come true. 

How did you get into digital art?

I got into digital art in the early 90s in art school. Using computers for art was still pretty much unheard of but it seemed natural to me to do drawings and photo manipulations and even 3D experiments. It was totally frowned upon by most of my teachers. But when the internet appeared in 1995, I dropped everything and joined the first wave of net artists. It was the first time I believed digital art would become an important medium. So it has been a long road to this breakthrough moment.

What is a place that inspires you?

I find museums with old sculpture and artifacts inspiring. I go to museums to draw and think ideas through. I usually look to the Hellenistic period. Or the Baroque, so any random church in Rome fascinates me. 

What keeps up your spirits?

Working in 3D… I enjoy being faced with infinity and creating a world, delineating that space. And dancing around the studio while singing off-key, that’s my thing. 

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