John Yuyi
New York, USA

John Yuyi is a Taiwanese visual artist based in New York City. The internet and social media form both the premise and platform for her creative work, which explores themes of life and the present moment as revealed by these media. In her work, she reflects on her own emotions, her bipolar disorder, the sense of a modern society as observed on a daily basis and the emotions of others. She is best known for her works in the medium of temporary tattoos.

"Live the most in my life."

John Yuyi

Content, 2021

Video loop, temporary tattoo, lens protector, screen protector
00:30 min

Available from 7 OCTOBER – 7 DECEMBER 2021 MIDNIGHT CEST


The NFT will be delivered to the automatically created MISA wallet within 72 hours after the end of sale on 7 December 2021. The minting process will start once the edition size has been determined and the edition numbers can be assigned. 

In anticipation of obtaining the NFT, collectors will receive an email with a download link to the file of the digital artwork they acquired that is part of GLOBAL GALLERY: KÖNIG X PORSCHE.

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€250 €297,50 incl. VAT.
All the information we receive and transmit goes via the same mobile device. By recording what we observe through its lens, we allow others to wat...

All the information we receive and transmit goes via the same mobile device. By recording what we observe through its lens, we allow others to watch what we see on their mobile devices. Sometimes, we even watch important events entirely through our devices in order to record them. But we can also see what other people have recorded via the screens on our own mobile devices. We live in an era of an ever-accelerating content explosion. Yet what we see is real-time and authentic – or isn' it? Could it be a carefully curated selection chosen by its creators? Might it have been reviewed and censored by the social platform?

Contract Address: A.20187093790b9aef
Token Standard: A.1d7e57aa55817448
Blockchain: Flow
Metadata: Centralized


How did you get into digital art?

At the beginning I was doing all this visual online content, purely because I wanted to achieve some kind of mutual understanding between people. Everybody is using social media and internet right now, and if I think of an element that couldn’t be used in the past because it didn’t even exist, it would be social media. Social media is new and everybody uses it, but at some point in the future, it will be replaced, just like everything else. All that will be left is the fossils of our era. And that’s how I got into digital art. 

I was also doing a lot of projects with two friends of mine, Tom Galle and Moises Sanabria. We were doing a lot of surreal and meme-style photography and often felt inspired by new internet functions, new software and new technology, such as Tinder and selfie culture. That was back in 2016.

What is a place that inspires you?

It would be either a fascinating, big, bustling city or somewhere out in nature, where there are no people at all. Those two things are very opposite. I always love big cities because there are lots of young people there, all trying to shine trying and make the best of themselves. I also like the energy. It motivates me to be more dynamic.

What was your first memorable encounter with fine art?

I would say it was fairly typical. Ever since I can remember, my favourite hobby has been drawing. I absolutely love to draw and paint and used to do it every day. When I was a child, my parents sent me to art classes after school. I went almost every day, several times a week, and then I went to college, where I majored in Fashion Design. That was where I learned the different types of foundation skills and really got into it. I was heavily influenced by that particular time in my life. 

What was the last dream you had?

It was a very personal dream. At the moment I am in Canada for 14 days because, as a foreigner in the US, I couldn’t go straight back there after my trip to Europe. I dreamt about my friend in New York, who came to Canada to surprise me and take me back to New York. It is a very ‘Covid’ dream!

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