Jon Burgerman
New York, USA

Jon Burgerman’s practice focuses on creative play as a means of communication. He works intuitively, with shape, colour and expression, as if trying to solve a puzzle with no obvious solution. Eventually everything falls into place and fits in ways that are not always completely obvious to the artist himself but that, over time, give him an understanding of himself, his thoughts and his feelings. To make himself laugh and distract himself from outside pressures, his creations are amusing – especially those produced in lockdown in 2020.  

For Burgerman, art is an escape, not only from the outside world but also from his inner anxieties. The bright colours offer an alternative space for his inner existence, while his strange and playful characters offer both company and an opportunity to reflect. 

"Creating my work makes me feel lighter and happier, feelings I hope are passed on to the viewer."

Jon Burgerman

Camouflage, 2021

.mp4 video using elements of aerosol work on paper, stereos
3150 x 2540 px
00:30 min

Music: Todayidance

Available from 7 OCTOBER – 7 DECEMBER 2021 MIDNIGHT CEST


The NFT will be delivered to the automatically created MISA wallet within 72 hours after the end of sale on 7 December 2021. The minting process will start once the edition size has been determined and the edition numbers can be assigned. 

In anticipation of obtaining the NFT, collectors will receive an email with a download link to the file of the digital artwork they acquired that is part of GLOBAL GALLERY: KÖNIG X PORSCHE.

160 sold

€250 €297,50 incl. VAT.
CAMOUFLAGE plays with standing out whilst also blending in. In a world where we must always be on display; exhibiting, promoting, sharing the best...

CAMOUFLAGE plays with standing out whilst also blending in.

In a world where we must always be on display; exhibiting, promoting, sharing the best versions of our lives, perhaps disappearing into the crowd is both comforting and rebellious.

Contract Address: A.20187093790b9aef
Token Standard: A.1d7e57aa55817448
Blockchain: Flow
Metadata: Centralized


What are the dreams that drive you?

I sometimes dream in song form, where every action and scene is a catchy pop song or emotional opera. The visuals of the dreams are described in music, it's beautiful and weird. I awake with a head full of melodies. I think about this a lot when I’m working in my studio. 

What is the driving force behind your art?

I am driven to create visual art that has an element of music to it. I see each of my paintings as having a distinct melody or sound. Colourful voices, bouncy rhythms, playful compositions, twitchy melodies and soft, ambient warmth. With this in mind, it is my desire to combine my artworks with music and present them as one, the artworks I hear in my dreams.

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