Berlin, GER

The artist and architect duo JUNUWANA design virtual architectures in the digital realm and invite people to live in a virtual world. By sharing time-based architectural spaces with people in the digital public realm, the artists question how the realm of art and architecture might be expanded in the digital space, where gravity no longer exists. By approaching visual art through architecture, they have developed a strategy for suggesting a new level of experience. 


Cone and Wind #2, 2021

Video, architectural design, motion graphic
00:15 min

Available: 7 OCTOBER – 7 DECEMBER 2021


The NFT will be delivered to the automatically created MISA wallet within 72 hours after the end of sale on 7 December 2021. The minting process will start once the edition size has been determined and the edition numbers can be assigned. 

In anticipation of obtaining the NFT, collectors will receive an email with a download link to the file of the digital artwork they acquired that is part of GLOBAL GALLERY: KÖNIG X PORSCHE.

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This sequence is taken from the video CONE AND WIND by Junuwana. The cone shape is formed by triangles in motion. The conical, architectural struc...

This sequence is taken from the video CONE AND WIND by Junuwana. The cone shape is formed by triangles in motion. The conical, architectural structure expands and develops by itself in the wind, in a virtual, gravity-free environment. The cone structure flies through the air, suggesting that architectural structures can literally come alive and take flight.

This scene shows the first step, in which the cone structure achieves freedom and vitality through the wind.

Contract Address: A.20187093790b9aef
Token Standard: A.1d7e57aa55817448
Blockchain: Flow
Metadata: Centralized



How did you get into digital art?

We always wanted art and architecture to have vitality beyond physical limitations. We finally found the possibility of architecture in virtual reality, and created new narratives through virtual space design.

What is a place that inspires you?

Parks and nature in general. Walking in the park is an essential part of creating artworks. We go for long walks, at least an hour, and share stories we think about while walking. This is the most basic step for doing art. We always enjoy discovering new  parks as well.

What keeps up your spirits?

The people we meet, the places we visit, new experiences like smells and tastes enable us to create virtual stories.

What was the last dream you had?

By developing architectural storytelling in the digital virtual realm, we want to communicate more deeply with people.

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