Manuel Rossner
Berlin, GER

Manuel Rossner first started designing his digital spaces and virtual worlds in 2012. He uses them to investigate how new technologies are impacting on art and society. His interactive architectures are composed of digital materials that represent both spatial interventions and virtual extensions. 

Rossner examines the digital realm. Unlike wood, which can break and burn, the qualities of digital materials make them unique. Digital materials mimic what we know from the physical world, begging the question: why do we sense and understand virtual environments even though they ultimately consist of nothing but zeros and ones?

"The world is changing fast, and technology is fundamentally transforming society. My dream is to inspire others to get familiar with the digital space, which needs as many contributors as possible. The only way it can evolve to benefit us all is with the most diverse range of participants possible."

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How did you get into digital art?

My first contact with digital art was as a teenager, when I used to play games with my friends. Even back then I was already trying to hack and expand the games we played. Before going to art school, I wanted to be an architect. Architecture is still very present in my work to this day, but the discourse around social space is also relevant and potentially even more dynamic in the digital field.

Did you always strive to be an artist?

No. I think the notion of art and the artist is constantly changing and evolving. What I love about art is the openness to new formats and practices. 

What is a place that inspires you?

I draw my inspiration from both art spaces and recent developments in technology. I’ve travelled a lot and especially like to experience the combination of architecture and art. And in terms of virtual worlds, developer forums and YouTube channels give me a sense of where we’re heading.

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