During DMEXCO 2022, Europe’s leading digital marketing and tech conference on September 21 & 22, in Cologne and online, misa.art opens a space to deconstruct barriers between people and technology with the power of art. Three digital artists release exclusive art NFTs online on misa.art and turn their collections into real-life experiences with a booth at DMEXCO Cologne. Mamadou Sow’s installation “African Gothic” reflects on the colonial pasts of major Western nations and their handling of provenance, restitution, and the return of looted objects; with his “Super Normal Currency” Elliot Dodd focuses on the next exhaustive value chain in an over-capitalistic world and Dajana Krüger expands portrait photography into a performative, intimate ritual while unveiling the essence of human interconnectivity.

Mamadou Sow: African Gothic

Senegal-born artist Mamadou Sow works with bright colors and brings his art to life creating exclusively on his iPad. By reflecting on problems of global discrimination and visualizing these rather personal issues in bright colors, Mamadou Sow has established his artistic language within the virtual spheres. His work “African Gothic” shows the evolution of the African continent from the distant past to the near future, visualizing its history in three layers.  

Elliott Dodd: Super Normal Currency

Artist Elliot Dodd created “Super Normal Currency”, turning his distinctive playful art into a currency. The NFT series starts as gleaming, rotating coins and with the denominations increasing, so does the visual complexity of the coins. Consisting of five coins, “Super Normal Currency” questions the capitalistic fundamentals upon which society is built. With the first two coins already released, Elliott Dodd drops the consecutive “5 Super Normal Coin” during DMEXCO.

Dajana Krüger: Soulmate

Video artist and photographer Dajana Krüger has been honing her technique of 360° spinning, moving imagery. Following a documentary approach, the artist blends portrait photography with a video process and creates “real holograms” of people and objects thereby finds a new virtual language. Her work “Soulmate” is a 360° portrait of twins illustrating the connection between two souls. As an art object, each portrait rotates 360° and represents a human interaction in a sculptural aesthetic.