misa.art x Die Zeit

In collaboration with “Die Zeit”, misa.art curated three individualized physical editions by emerging artists Paul Schrader, Çiğdem Aky and David Alabo, which are now available for three months at the Zeit Shop! Each artwork is exclusively hand-finished by the artists. While Schrader’s work “Different Cosmos” explores the sensual interplay of color, Aky presents a distinctive piece of hers, “Duft des Meeres”, characterized by a geometric element in the center surrounded with curved, sweeping brushstrokes. Ghanaian artist David Alabo completes the edition release with his work “Peace is Power” illustrating the power of moments of peace, contemplation and solitude.

Paul Schrader: Different Cosmos

Paul Schrader, educated lawyer and self-taught artist, has a thing for colors, large scale canvases and graffiti. These aspects he then combines in his artworks, exploring the relationship between various paints, playing with layers and reminiscing graffiti from the early 90s. All of that combined feels like poetry for the viewer and puts them in an almost sensual relationship to the painting. His work “Different Cosmos” explores the sensuous interplay of color and form and their relationship to each other. Each edition is individualized by the artist himself by adding a prayed finish.

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Çiğdem Aky: Duft des Meeres

In each of her works, Çiğdem Aky works on the three pillars of depth, texture, and hue. Her "painterly research work," the artist herself describes in oneshort sentence: "I apply color - and react to it." In her painting, the Munich-based artist uses an uncompromisingly clear language of form and color, always characterized by a fixed geometric element in the center and surrounded by curved, sweeping brushstrokes. Her work “Duft des Meeres” is one of her distinctive pieces and the artist individualizes each edition by dripping acrylic paint on the print.

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David Alabo: Peace is Power

Fantastic and at the same time mysteriously familiar, Ghanian artist David Alabo explores the possibilities of modern software and artificial intelligence (AI) to create his impressive digital African landscapes that oscillate between joyful and colorful to ghostly and mysterious. Inthe tradition of Afro-Surrealism, his works describe very real, fundamental experiences of the present and thereby areless an escape from reality, but rather represent a kind of meditative healing. The work“Peace is Power" illustrates the power of the moments of peace, contemplation increasingly rare moments of peace, contemplation, and solitude. Each edition comes with an exclusive AR-function that allows the motif to be experienced as a digital sculpture in space.

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