Nicole Ruggiero
New York, USA

Nicole Ruggiero is a 3D visual artist whose work is based on the internet and online trends. Her practice concentrates on technology and the emotional and social culture that surrounds it. Her most recent works explore topics such as digital identity, nostalgia, online romance and sexuality, internet subcultures, virality and meme humour. She presents these themes through 3D figures, internet relics and online iconography, blurring the boundary between virtual and real. Working in 3D, she creates stills, animations and interactive AR and VR experiences.

“I dream of infinite connection through technology and beyond.”

Nicole Ruggiero

Sublime, 2021

Video, digital sculpture
00:30 min

Available from 7 OCTOBER – 7 DECEMBER 2021 MIDNIGHT CEST


The NFT will be delivered to the automatically created MISA wallet within 72 hours after the end of sale on 7 December 2021. The minting process will start once the edition size has been determined and the edition numbers can be assigned. 

In anticipation of obtaining the NFT, collectors will receive an email with a download link to the file of the digital artwork they acquired that is part of GLOBAL GALLERY: KÖNIG X PORSCHE.

40 sold

€250 €297,50 incl. VAT.
SUBLIME is the second animated artwork in Nicole Ruggiero’s CROWN series and comprises a hand-sculpted and hand-textured head. The series sets out...

SUBLIME is the second animated artwork in Nicole Ruggiero’s CROWN series and comprises a hand-sculpted and hand-textured head. The series sets out to evoke strength by recognising the power of the human form as an avatar. Incorporating only a head and crown, the singular facial expression of each work in the series conveys an emotion inspired by the further integration of the internet into our everyday lives. This piece honours the way the internet has elevated society.

Contract Address: A.20187093790b9aef
Token Standard: A.1d7e57aa55817448
Blockchain: Flow
Metadata: Centralized


How did you get into digital art? 

I got into digital art while I was in middle school. I was inspired by going onto digital art forums and seeing people form communities around their work. People were kind and helpful with critique and shared similar interests. I begged my dad for a Wacom tablet for Christmas. Ever since then I have been making digital art. 

What is a place that inspires you?

I am inspired by cities. Cities mirror the microcosms of the internet, rich with culture. It is inspiring for me to peer into shops and see different communities engaging with one another. I like to create stories in my head about what each person might have done with their day and what their daily routine may be like. I create characters and this directly inspires my process. I also think it is important to interview people when referencing their culture, I do this as much as possible whether it is irl or online. I also love to go into nature to process the business of cities and the quickness of the internet. 

What keeps your spirits up?

Staying close to kind and supportive people. Being in nature and helping others. 

What was the last dream you had?

I dream of times where there is further unity and understanding between humans. I think the internet is a great way to start forming more unity between different cultures. 

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