Einklang Outro – Musik x Digitale Kunst

MOV, 00:51 min, 1512 x 864 px
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Dropped 10 June 6 PM CEST

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Blockchain: Ethereum
Metadata: Frozen and decentralized
COA: Verisart Certified

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This is the recording of the outro of No! by Bukahara in the Version of d'accord, visualized by Max Schweder.

"The aim of Einklang was to create as direct a translation as possible from sound to image in real-time. A picture is drawn by the vocal performance of the choir. Above the choir hang microphones that record the singers. The instruments of the accompanying band are also analysed. I use the data obtained by spectral analysis to control a fluid simulation. The idea is that the sounds are like forms and colours running across a canvas, like in an action painting. Depending on which frequencies the choir sings, and how loud, the generated image changes. The underlying fluid simulation is a simulation of chaotic processes. If you put the two together, controlled chaos simulation and live input, the butterfly effect ensures that a small change in the sound input can produce a big change in the image output. For me, this visualization is not a generally valid visualization for all possible music. It is my interpretation of the emotion I feel when I hear the song No! by Bukahara in this version. I use the computer and my programme to let the choir paint the picture." – Max Schweder

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