Love Letter And Doppelgänger

acrylic pen on fine art print
40 x 60 cm
15.7 x 23.6 in
24-Hour Edition Drop

Estimated Delivery Time: 4 - 6 Weeks. Self pick up 4 Weeks
24-Hour Drop: individualised by the artist using two words chosen by you
€250 €297,50 incl. VAT, excl. Shipping excl. Shipping
Available from Sep 29 2022 at 6 PM CEST
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Includes Certificate of Authenticity

The love letter on the left, to the person on the right who has exactly the same kind of soul as you, the same qualities, the one you love.

Each edition is individualized by the artist herself with a hand-written, customer-specific sentence on the print relating to the artwork. Collectors can complete the sentence “ [your name 1] is the doppelgänger of  [your name 2]” with their own personal two names and see them together on the edition: “Emily and Connie”, “Bert and Ernie”, “Zooey and Katy”. 

Complete the sentence “ [your name 1] is the doppelgänger of  [your name 2]” describing the two figures on the edition. Write your two names completing the sentence in the ORDER NOTE field in your shopping cart on 

Disclaimer: please note that your ORDER NOTE should not be longer than these two words. If you decide to leave the ORDER NOTE field empty, you will receive a print without individualization. Please be aware that the artist will follow your exact spelling, including any typos you may make. We regret that later corrections or requests regarding the sentence cannot be accepted.

The frame is white lacquered ayous wood with acrylic glass that has 84% UV protection. Framed dimensions are 43 cm x 63 cm / 16 3/4 in x 24 ¾.

“I want to bring the audience to a world between real and surreal perception. In it human’s feelings and memories are connected and we drive the universe of perception, self-search and self expression.” - Ruohan Wang


The 24-HOUR PHYSICAL DROP is a concept which allows artists to sell an unlimited amount of physical editions within the limited time frame of 24 hours on Each 24-HOUR PHYSICAL DROP edition will be available for 24 hours only, then never again.

The editions are numbered randomly, i.e. the edition number is not chronologically assigned to the time of order receipt. All 24-HOUR PHYSICAL DROP prints are made to order. Each artwork will be produced and personalized specifically for each client, the artwork therefore is not eligible for return.

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