Elliot Dodd

Super normal

Artist Elliot Dodd created “Super Normal Currency”, turning his distinctive playful art into a currency. The NFT series starts as gleaming, rotating coins and with the denominations increasing, so does the visual complexity of the coins. Vapid dilated eyeballs combine with icky, turgid flesh and hi-res mechanics, all clinging to a glowing gold coin.

Elliot Dodd’s Super Normal Currency consists of five different coins, which are dropped over the next months. Collectors of the NFTs will not only receive the artwork itself but a physical incentive varying for each drop. The first two coins will be released during the misa.art ARTIST FAIR in Mallorca. When collected both Super Normals 1 + 2 the owner will be entitled to a PVC printed certificate, sized 50 x 100cm and send to their homes after purchase to celebrate their achievement, as well as early access to the drop of “5 Super Normal Coin” within the next months.