Jakub Kubica

Slow Speed, 2019

Deformed mirror, polished steel sheet
200 x 100 x 15 cm
78 3/4 x 39 2/3 x 6 in

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Includes Certificate of Authenticity

The mirror-polished steel is deforming reality in a slow-motion effect. Deconstructing surroundings into a fraction of colours and blurry shapes.

Between pronounced contrasts and striking compositions, Jakub Kubica explores the deconstruction and rearrangement of the present moment's shifting polarities. Modularity is a central tenet of Kubica's work, recurring throughout his installations, sculptures, video works, and sound performances.

Across each medium, the artist's synthesis of objects of natural origin with technical or digital matter has become a distinguishing feature of his practice. In selecting common natural elements – stone, wood, sand, soil – and adapting technologically constructed tools around them, Kubica builds what he terms 'inverted sculptures,' in reference to the invitation offered by eachwork’s composition: to imbue quotidian objects with newfound respect, inviting viewers to reconsider the totems of the present through a future-slanted lens and, in doing so, to find the exquisite in the ordinary.

The notion of rediscovery equally informs the artist's overall creative process, which draws parallels with the field work of an archaeologist. Carried out through undulating methods of excavation and reformation, its continual variable is time, whose cadences lead Kubica towards new perspectives on the ever-expansive present.

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