Humorous, biting, canny - Elliot Dodd evaluates on our systems of society and power, thus encourages the viewer to question the fundamentals upon which society is built. Using video, drawing, sculpture and VR technologies as his ways of expression, the British artist works with the surfaces and techniques of the global-techno-macho-man. His sculptural objects, drawings and moving images work to hijack languages of desire, confidence and authority into a new floppy, composite structure.  

Eyeballs with details close to perfection, widely opened, staring at the viewer intensely, seemingly observing people’s capitalistic behaviors are a signature element of Dodd’s art and are a reoccurring aspect in his work just like icky, turgid fleshy elements. Alongside cars, corporate logos and immensely detailed pencil drawings of penises, these elements comment critically on masculine power dynamics, today’s consumerism, and a capitalistic driven society.  

His NFT series “Super Normal Currency” results from epidemic-death-chaos, which inspired Elliot Dodd to create his own currency as a way of directly communing with his murky energy. Consisting of five coins, each denomination features a unique expression of reason, appetite and emotion. The currency serves as a lucrative, tradeable compression of the fluid futurism and crushing machismo of the cryptosphere.  


1 Elliot Dodd worked as cheesemonger for 10 years. 

2 He used to be a jungle DJ. 

3 Elliot Dodd’s favorite crisps are Pickled Onion Monster Munch. 

4 Elliot Dodd has a singing cat called Mouse. 

5 Elliot Dodd was shot in the arm in Shoreditch. 

6 He has flown a loop in a plane. 

7 He has a plastic bag design archive. 

8 “Total Recall” is Elliot Dodd’s favorite film. 

9 Elliot Dodd fell in love with a sloth in London Zoo. 

10 The artist has an addiction to “Homes Under the Hammer”, a TV-show about property flipping. 

Elliot Dodd's NFT series "Super Normal Currency" consists of five coins, of which the first two have dropped in course of MISA MALLORCA. The next coins will drop within the next months exclusively on misa.art!

Photo credits: Avant Arte