Brooklyn based British artist Jon Burgerman has been feverishly creating for over 20 years. His instantly recognisable art has been exhibited all over the world from DIY exhibition spaces to museums to Times Square and even the White House. He creates work in a wide variety of media from paint, aerosols, digital and moving image. Online his GIFS have been viewed over 8.5 billion times and he has a dedicated following across social media. It's his belief that simple creative acts can allow people to change not only their world but the world around them.

Burgerman’s practice focuses on creative play as a means of communication. He works intuitively, with shape, colour and expression, as if trying to solve a puzzle with no obvious solution. Eventually everything falls into place and fits in ways that are not always completely obvious to the artist himself but that, over time, give him an understanding of himself, his thoughts and his feelings. To make himself laugh and distract himself from outside pressures, his creations are amusing – especially those produced in lockdown in 2020.  

For Burgerman, art is an escape, not only from the outside world but also from his inner anxieties. The bright colors offer an alternative space for his inner existence, while his strange and playful characters offer both company and an opportunity to reflect. “Ultimately, creating my work makes me feel lighter and happier, feelings I hope are passed on to the viewer“, he says. 


1 When very young and on holiday at a farm, Jon Burgerman’s older brother pushed him into a vat of animal excrement. Burgerman is still annoyed about this.

2 Jon Burgerman is a middle child (is that so unexpected?!). 

3 Jon Burgerman had his own band called Anxieteam when he first moved to NYC. They had their music played on Radio 1 and included on a free CD with Rolling Stone magazine, Germany, before breaking up.

4 Jon Burgerman’s favorite food includes pizza, salad and ugly gimbaps.

5 Jon Burgerman cannot drive a car.

6 Jon Burgerman has never broken a bone.

7 Despite eating lots of sweets, Jon Burgerman has no fillings in his teeth (subject to change).

8 Jon Burgerman does not like going to the beach.

9 Jon Burgerman, when 13 years old, once appeared as the mascot for Tottenham Hotspur (the team he supports).

10 Jon Burgerman still bites his nails (please don’t tell his wife this).


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