When Berlin-based artist Jonathan Esperester creates, he uses a multidisciplinary approach, mixing the means of painting and his private picture archive to experiment on various painting substrates. Esperester’s artworks are collage-like paintings telling stories about anachronistic constellations and unknown history, beyond space and time. By revealing overlapping connections of subject, culture, and nature he allows the viewer to be a part of this fictional narrative. This special way of working allows Jonathan Esperester to create multidimensional images, which are based on his usage of various painting substrates such as wood, PVC, canvas and paper. He paints with oil and acrylic paints, varnishes, colored pencils and charcoal and works on his substrates by gluing, scratching and repainting and through this approach manages to create a new content dimension which also gets an expression in the material. 

With his technique of choice the artist captivates its viewers and creates a multidimensional image with its location uncertain, whether in the past, present or future. His work CARRERA, which is exclusively available on misa.art as a limited edition, revolves around Esperester’s unique style of creating and shows a large-scale slot car racing track placed in a room creating an image beyond space and time. 


1 For most of his exhibition Jonathan Esperester transports the paintings via public transportations. 

2 Jonathan Esperester is the proud owner of a big pump organ but doesn´t know how to play it. 

3 When Jonathan Esperester was younger, he thought about participating at THE VOICE GERMANY – luckily, he never went through with it. 

4 Jonathan Esperester is extremely bad at naming colors. 

5 In his childhood Jonathan Esperester thought his name was Spanish, although it’s actually Hungarian. 

6 Jonathan Esperester has a weird talent for bowling. 

7 Jonathan Esperester doubts the concept of free will – but how would he know. 

8 In his youth Jonathan Esperester taught himself sewing and tailored many clothes that no one ever wears. 

9 Jonathan Esperester never ever uses fresh water for painting – the muddier the better. 

10 Behind some of Jonathan Esperesters “Canvas on wood paintings” older paintings are hidden. 

In collaboration with Kunst100, Jonathan Esperester releases his edition CARRERA limited to 100 pieces, which is exclusively available on misa.art. Each edition will be individualized by the artist himself, silver plating with silver leaf at the disco ball and using silver paint on the slot car racing track. Sometimes there is also a Carrera car added.