Mamadou Sow’s impetus is as simple as it is visionary: “The future depends on me. That’s why I paint.” From a small Senegalese village near Dakar, the artist brought his characteristic style into the World Wide Web and sees himself as a co-founder of the digital era. By reflecting on problems of global discrimination and visualizing these rather personal issues in bright colors, Mamadou Sow has established his artistic language within the virtual spheres.  

The 36-year-old Sow discovered his passion for art as a form of inner confrontation with trauma, politics and life itself at a young age. Painting in vivid colors therefore stands in contrast to the darker topics of his work. Like no other, he uses sarcasm and virtual aesthetics to point out political grievances in the world. In his works, he processes his thoughts and the severe blows of fate that befell him as a small child in Africa. Mamadou Sow has his own perspective on the world and with his art shows us a glimpse into his universe.  

When creating, Sow primarily uses his ability to lucid dream. This form of experience is often more real and meaningful to Sow than reality itself. In these dreams, he sees the future. A future in which money and material goods no longer play a role. 

 African Gothic, Making Of Frame Shot, Cortesy the artist


01 Mamadou is " virtusexual". 

02 During the Corona lockdowns, Mamadou has spent a lot of time in bed and has created his greatest works in a kind of intoxication, shielded from the outside world. 

03 Mamadou has already saved a human life twice. 

04 As a young child in Senegal Mamadou had a near-death experience when he swallowed a fish bone and passed out due to a lack of oxygen. 

05 Mamadou drinks no alcohol. 

06 Commercial products for girls were always more interesting because he liked the colorful design better. 

07 He likes red fruit juices. 

08 As a child, Mamadou had a near-death experience and was afraid of sheep for a long time. 

09 The day he was born, 11 boys drowned at his birthplace. 

10 Senegal and Cologne share almost the same area codes - 00221 in Senegal and 0221 in Cologne.  

Mamadou Sow's work "African Gothic" is part of the artworks shown at the misa.art-booth at DMEXCO in Cologne - browse through the series HERE!