Matthew Stone lives inbetween analogue and digital spheres and has found his unique artistic language in combining those two worlds. “The digital world organically is part of our lives; people need to be open for that. I have come to see that going back and forth between these spaces as a fortitude”, says the British artist. By seeing the digital realm as an authentic part of our reality and his work, Stone has managed to develop something new and unique in the art world. A style, which founds on his many talents ranging from photography, painting, sculpture and 3D animation.  

“I start by painting brush strokes on glass, I photograph them, cut them out in photoshop and put them in a 3D modeling software. I have built a huge archive of individual brush strokes, from which I can choose the most suitable ones. The brush strokes are then being placed on the bodies. After rendering the final imagery, I print it on linen”, Stone explains his extravagantly work process. In terms of composition, color and treatment of the body, Stone works in relation to the history of painting, aiming to understand and define broader abstract ideologies that relate to the body itself. 

The body, its movement and its relation to another is what Matthew Stone's art revolves around. In his work "Play", the artist fuses these distinctive sculptures together in one picture for the first time: "always wanted to paint people in relation to one another and how they are at easealmost merging into another", Stone says about his exclusive 24-hour physical drop available on misa.art.



1 Matthew Stone’s go-to hot drink is chamomile tea infused with a single bay leaf and hot oat milk.  

2 Matthew Stone is an ultra-talented whistler. 

3 Matthew Stone’s favourite karaoke numbers are "Your song" by Elton John and "I Want it That Way'' by the Backstreet Boys. 

4 Matthew Stone collects studio pottery, often pagan themed. 

5 To learn from a specific tree's life cycle, Matthew Stone once spent an entire year visiting it every day.  

6 Matthew Stone was listed by the Sunday Times as the most influential person in the arts under 30, alongside Lewis Hamilton who took the top spot for sport. 

7 As a child Matthew Stone had a Barn owl as a pet. 

8 When he was eleven, Matthew Stone was in discussions with a TV company to be potentially included in a documentary focused on people who used the internet. Despite using the internet he was not included in the end. 

9 Matthew Stone has snapped the tendon connected to the tip of one of his fingers and lost the ability to move it fully.  

10 During the first lockdown Matthew Stone played one song a day at 6pm on an enormous sound system to the entire village where he lives. 

For the collaboration between misa.art and Business Punk, Matthew Stone is releasing his artwork "Play" in a 24-hour physical drop, which is exclusively available on misa.art!