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Welcome inside the mind of Aline Alagem! The Israelian artist’s world is intimate, full of feminine sensuality and desire. It’s a world, in which women create their own story. Aline Alagem’s heroines challenge the historical male gaze on women as passive subjects and are portrayed as independent and strong characters. With her art, she creates intimacy in a dreamy world, yet her scenes appear to be highly realistic while maintaining a surrealist logic. 

Working with oil on different formats ranging from paper and linen to wood, Berlin-based Aline Alagem uses whimsical compositions and collage-like altered scenes, which suggest the presence of hidden spheres that flow beneath the surface. Secrets, mystery and stillness are what those spheres are built on and invite the viewer to go beyond what is seen and imagine the unknown. 

For the collaboration between misa.art and Business Punk, Aline Alagem is releasing her artwork "In This Moment" in an exclusive edition of 50. 

"Blue Ripples" (c) Andrea Rossetti

1. How do you manage to create such intimacy in your art? 

If intimacy is an invitation to share something sacred, that’s what I am in pursuit of in my work… I think it lies in revealing a moment of tenderness while only hinting to its hidden circumstances. I also work a lot with portraits, which are intimate by definition I find. A face always shares vulnerability, if you look close enough.  

2. With your work you challenge the historical position of women as passive subjects in art by portraying them as heroines of their own reality.  What was the most surprising reaction of a viewer to one of your works? 

What I find surprising and beautiful over and over again is how broad a spectrum the emotional reaction to a painting could be. If we’re talking about a painting portraying a feminine body in a sexual context for example, where one feels comfort, someone else could feel triggered; where one feels joy, someone else could feel overwhelmed. I can always learn something from my spectator. 

(c) Aline Alagem Studio

3. What inspires you? 

Basically everything; love, art and artists, sex, pop culture on all its expressions, like music, television, movies from all eras, people around me, nature… But I’m especially drawn to and inspired by all things contradictory, like movie heroines that hide darkness under beauty, a song that builds up tension through softness, a flower going from bloom to decay…  

4. How do you overcome self-doubt?  

Usually self-doubt arises from the outside world or its voices we implement. I try to minimize distraction (put the phone away) and focus on my space-  working is the best cure. Writing helps me get back to clarity and also talking to people who know me well enough to nudge me back to my center. 

5. What’s something you would tell your younger self? 

I got your back. 

Aline Alagem’s work “In this momentis part of the collaboration with Business Punk. 50 limited editions are exclusively available on misa.art! Click HERE to find out more.