With bold female characters, portrayed as comic-like figures in bright colors, Evelyn Weigert creates a unique artistic language. The heroines of her art are females living their best lives as topless ballerinas, nude women in cowboy boots or Mother Mary with lip fillers, all visualized on solid monochrome surfaces, framed by hard outlines and colorfully brought to life.  

Before Evelyn Weigert started creating acrylic paintings, she has been writing books, moderating TV shows or hosting podcasts. The common theme throughout Weigert’s creative output is female empowerment. Women are the main source of inspiration for Evelyn’s art, who she recreates as her archetypal figures, mostly female nudes radiating a magic all their own.  

“Art means freedom to me, which allows me to do anything”, the artist explains her unapologetic approach. The work STUPID COWGIRLS is a classic Evelyn Weigert featuring nude bodies, bright colors and lots of female empowerment. 

What was your first encounter with art and what made you want to become an artist? 

My first contact with art was also the reason why I got expelled from school by the age of 15. I made a penis out of pottery in art class and then had to change schools. A tragic story with a happy ending. I realized back then that I’m fascinated by the human body, the female one especially. I think it’s so diverse and beautiful. Each one is unique. I love painting female bodies in all different facets. When women see my paintings, they recognize themselves in my works. 

Is your personality reflected in your paintings?  

All of me is in my pictures. I just noticed that again recently when personalizing the prints for the 24-Hour Drop. My passion themes are nudity, body positivity, and self-acceptance. 

When kicking off a new project, how do you start? Do you have the outcome in mind already or do you let the process guide you? 

I have an idea in my head that I start with, but most of the work is done in the process. If I notice, the picture goes in a wrong direction, then I paint over it immediately. I don't prepare for anything in my life, everything always just happens. I am very flexible, also in terms of my art. For example, I misspelled a word terribly when individualizing the edition, but then decided to just make something new out of it.  

You have an unconventional artistic approach. What would you like to change about the art market?    

Honestly, loosen up the whole industry a bit. For me, art means absolute freedom. Art doesn't have to be anything at all for me and at the same time can be everything. I would like to see more lightness in the field. I think art is the only thing in life where you can completely let yourself go. It's perfectly okay to find something really bad or really good - everyone is free to decide that for themselves and not have to answer to anyone.  

What goals for the future do you have in mind? 

I don't have any specific goals. I just want to do my thing in peace.   

In collaboration with Kunst100, Evelyn Weigert releases a Physical Drop, which will exclusively be available on misa.art from May 26th starting from 6PM CEST for 24 hours only.