"I do believe in aliens." 5 Questions for FREDERIK NÆBLERØD

Frederick Næblerød creates almost disturbingly grotesque creatures and monsters that you just have to love. The Danish artist feels at home in various media, creating works that critically reflect on society's vices or political events. For his expressive paintings, drawings, sculptures, and site-specific installations, Næblerød uses plenty of different materials such as oil, acrylic, glue, ceramic, and plaster, but also substances you wouldn’t necessarily expect in an artwork, like Coca-Cola, spit, or Polyfilla. By showing us familiar objects in odd contexts, the artist disturbs our perception and challenges what we know.

What are the guiding themes in your work and where do you get your inspiration from?

The inspiration originates from impressions and perceptions of people, situations, and human nature. Impressions are often distorted and amplified in a grotesque form in my work. Inspiration happens during the process, and the pieces are built up based on impulses.

A lot of grotesque creatures and monsters appear in your art. Do you see them as enemies or as friends?                

I mostly see them as impressions I need to get out of my system, mixed with a storytelling mind. Some are friends, some are not. 

Do you believe in aliens and, if so, do you think they will take over our planet soon? 

I do believe in aliens and other strange species. For me, life seems sad if I don't believe in something different. 

When did you start working with ceramics or paintings, and what are the challenges you face when working with these materials? 

I started working with painting, and then ceramics, five years ago. There are big differences between the media, and for me, some of the more intuitive parts are missing in the ceramic process, which can be healthy sometimes, because you need to think more about other solutions like thickness, weight, temperature, etc. I do use my ceramic process as a type of yoga or relaxing moment.

What does a typical day at the studio look like for you? 

A typical day for me is full on process in the studio from around 08:00 and then I leave again at 20:00-22:00. I start cleaning from yesterday's fun, then I draw or start up a sculpture, and in the last couple of hours I start painting. Right now, I'm working a lot with enamel paint, as well as boat paint and other types of toxic paint where you need to have a mask on and leave the room after a couple of hours until the toxics are gone. When it comes to painting, compared to ceramic, I mostly prefer to work under stress and only have a few hours to finish something. 

Frederik Næblerød (b. 1988, Denmark) graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2018. He lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.


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