Hannah Müller-Hillebrand’s art takes one on a journey to exploring inner beauty and self-love, encouraging the beholder to see oneself as an artwork. Letting intuition guide her approach and practice, the self-taught artist and yoga teacher aims to channel inner freedom. By visualizing the connection between humans and nature from a feminist perspective and making female bodies a reoccurring motif in her art, Müller-Hillebrand expresses her fascination for all woman-kinds. Different shapes and forms of the female’s physiques brought to life with vibrant colors, tell stories of empowered women.

Her work “HEAVY SPACE” features the outlines of a women’s body, drawn in white acrylic paint on a dark background. By portraying different shapes and figures, the artist unfolds a narrative that allows the viewer to connect with their inner raw wildness. Each edition is individualized by the artist herself by drawing the outline of the figure and her signature in various chalk colors. Before the 24-Hour Physical Drop this Thursday, August 11th at 6PM CEST, Hannah Müller-Hillebrand spoke to misa.art magazine about her beginnings as an artist, her inspiration and visions.  

What was your first encounter with art? And what made you want to become an artist?  

I remember loving art ever since I was a child. In Kindergarten I always was the one sitting in the corner, painting and creating all day long. Art has always been my passion. When creating, I am not thinking about the past or worrying about the future, I simply am in the now. I am right there in that moment letting the brush dance on my canvas. This magically calming sensation is why I started to pursue art more seriously as an adult. 

You are self-taught. How have you developed your style?

My style has changed and evolved a lot throughout the years, but my muse remained similar. I am inspired by women a lot and female organic shapes are always part of my style. 

What does being creative mean to you?  

To me, it means freedom and play. I feel like a lot of adults are not allowing themselves to play anymore. But letting our inner child be wild and free is so important. When I’m in my creative process I can turn off my thoughts for a little while and just flow from the heart. 

With your art you aim to encourage self-healing. In what ways does art help you to be in tune with yourself?  

Creating art helps me to see myself as an artwork as well. Oftentimes, we’re so critical of our own selves, trying to reach perfection, trying to blend in. But art is the exact opposite of that and yet we celebrate it. We take care of an artwork, we admire it, we value it and especially value the quirks and unique aspects it has. I learned to apply that to how I see myself as well. 

Your works revolve around femininity and addresses the connection of humans and nature from a feminist perspective. What inspires you about women?  

Currently I am very inspired by the question of what it means to be a woman. I used to think that fertility was the ultimate measurement of how female a woman could be. But obviously that is very far from the truth. A woman doesn’t need to be fertile, a woman doesn't even have to have an uterus, a woman doesn’t need to be pretty, a woman doesn't need to be loving men, a woman doesn’t need to be kind or be able to cook or have long hair or big breasts. A woman can be so unique and different and wild and exciting, and I want to explore the many ways of being a woman through my art. 

Hannah Müller-Hillebrand’s edition “HEAVY SPACE” will be released as a 24-Hour Drop on August 11th at 6PM exclusively on misa.art. Sign up HERE for updates on the drop! 


Heavy Space

Hannah Müller-Hillebrand

Heavy Space