Combining opposites and merging differences to create something new and unexpected, that is what artist duo hola i chau stands for. With their unique way of creating by re-inventing the medium of silkscreen the artists make the creation process itself as important as the final outcome. Their approach to art focuses on telling stories revolving around the possibilities latent in the unexpected.  

With their roots in South America, hola i chau have been influenced by a simple and minimalistic approach to art. Their artistic practice today focuses on amalgamating fragments of the everyday. Theirs is an open field of experimentation, with an interlacing of contradictions, contrasts, decompositions, contrasts, decomposition and regeneration that form the core of their conceptual interests.  

With their artwork EL TIEMPO SE ABRE, hola I chau focuse on what they both do best: experimenting with silkscreen, its layers and colors. The work is available on misa.art in a limited edition of 100.  

El tiempo se abre, holi i chau, 2022

What opportunities and challenges arise working together as an artist duo?  

It is an opportunity to work from opposites and complement, for an intuitive process of improvisation and experimentation. That's how our name plays with contrast and duality, referring to the binary greetings "hello" and "bye". It is a ping pong of actions, a back and forth, a feedback. 

Your medium of choice is silkscreen. What makes it so magical? 

We don't feel represented when we are pigeonholed in silkscreen, basically because when people think of silkscreen, they think of serialized and reproduced work, and that's not what we're looking for.  

The way we use this medium is a departure from the traditional way. Our quest transcends technique and focuses more on developing a dynamic that dictates a mode of action. Each work is a space to celebrate the possibilities latent in the unexpected. Each decision is made in response to the previous one, varying in gesture, color and texture, which allows us to create a visual pattern of call and response where color and form manifest within a flexible system. Our work tends to be in a transitive-contemplative state, which requires taking distance to approach it from another perspective and observe what the composition needs. It is constantly reinterpreted. 

You play around with the various layers of your work and tell different stories with each one. What story does the edition “El tiempo se abre”? 

There is an undulating movement in our work. It has to do with our subconscious, with other layers of consciousness, other mental stages. It is like telling in a disorderly way that strange order of things, a possible manifestation of something that has no form, where the sensation of movement is present, the intensities, the intentions, the change, the desired, the unexpected. 

The subjective and abstract part where there are not many words that mean logic, but from another place to which we also belong that also needs that nourishment without words. 

You are from Chile and Argentina. Are works influenced by your origins?  

Having grown up in South America means trying to do the best with the minimum of resources. There is a lot of influence in that sense, approaching creation from a simpler point of view, using the tools and materials you have at hand. Creating with the minimum makes you more creative. 

What was the strangest reaction you ever got from your viewers?   

The strangest thing is the non-reaction, the immutability. 

In collaboration with Kunst100, hola i chau release their edition EL TIEMPO SE ABRE limited to 100 pieces, which is exclusively available on misa.art. The work is an original acrylic on paper monotype individualized by the artists with an intervention with acrylic paint and acrylic marker on fine art print.  

Photo credits: Pablo Hassmann