Sally Kindberg in her studio

Looking at Sally Kindberg’s art, immediately puts you in a good mood and has you wearing a smile on your lips. The Swedish artist with her residence in London has made it her mission to not take life too seriously and transforms that very humor into her art. With this approach, Kindberg plays on the notion of the tragicomic in a society that is both civilized and organized as well as ridiculous and bizarre.  

There is a pocket mirror with a salami instead of a pad, there is a very shiny, tight latex skirt on a perfectly shaped bum and there are beer jugs worn as boots in Sally Kindberg’s artistic oeuvre. In all of them, she plays with the contrast between flatness and the illusion of three-dimensionality, looking for a composition which is often a double take highlighting the overlooked in our everyday lives using color, mark making stylization.  

For the collaboration between misa.art and Business Punk, Sally Kindberg is releasing her artwork "Star Bar" in an exclusive edition of 50. 

Sally Kindberg jumping infront of her art

1. What was your first encounter with art? 

I have a very early memory of the smell of turpentine from my mother’s friend’s Volvo Amazon. It was like something from out of this world, that smell. They went for a painting course together and she did a portrait of me based on a photograph. I was depicted with naïve stirring eyes that can penetrate concrete. Powerful stuff.

2. Humor plays a big role in your practice. How do you manage to not take things too seriously in life?  

I go running to stabilise, it calms me down.   

3. Where do you take inspiration from? 

Every moment is an opportunity for potential success. You have to be awake and observant because scenarios play out on a daily basis. Just sitting in the waiting room at a hospital is a gold mine, or the bus, or the park, for example. But also looking at fashion, design, stock photos, advertising, how the news is framed. It all speaks words.  

Installation shot from DUVE, Berlin show RUSH, 2021. Image courtesy of Joachim Schulz 2021

4. What is your work process like? Do you have a routine when painting? 

Yes, I always prepare my own canvases to get the surface I desire. I sketch or project my prepared idea and build up the paintings in layers. I only work with oil paint. You have to listen to the painting, it tells you to fix this or address that. It is very demanding and hard to control.  

5. Which old master would you like to spend a day with? 

It maybe sounds corny, but I would love to hang out with Leonardo da Vinci when he secretly dissected corpses in the middle of the night. 

Artist Sally Kindberg

Credits: EKCO London 

Sally Kindberg’s work “Star Bar” is part of the collaboration with Business Punk. 50 limited editions are exclusively available on misa.art! Click HERE to find out more.