Tobias Vetter’s first encounter with art happened at the early age of five years, when his grandfather, a painter, introduced him to his art. Captivated by it, Vetter was sure about his future profession and decided back then to become an artist himself. 10 years ago, when he moved to Berlin and traded natural landscapes of Southern Germany for concrete jungle, the relationship between Tobias Vetter and art took a huge step forward. The contrast between nature and big city, the aesthetic clash and the vibrant energy of the city inspire him to this day and find ways in Vetter’s various ways of expression. Whether painting, digital art, tattooing or working with stone and glass to create sculptors, the artist likes to bring his ideas to different kinds of media.  

His physical edition and his NFT “Always Cold” follow his distinctive artistic approach: anonymous protagonists, who find themselves in surreal situations - captured in an intoxicated state by garish, almost loud colors. The analogue and virtual work is part of the group show “Lorem Ipsum” during documenta fifteen in Kassel, opening June 17th and will exclusively be available on misa.art until July 15th.   

What three words describe your art best?  

Dystopic, surreal, melancholic.  

What was your very first encounter with art?  

My grandfather, who is a watercolor painter, introduced me to art at the age of five. Ever since then I knew that I wanted to become an artist. 

You are a tattoo artist, a painter and sculptor. How do these disciplines match? 

As a tattoo artist, I decided very early on to work exclusively with black ink and to orient myself strongly on copperplate engravings and woodcuts. When tattooing, I work according to a strict plan. As a painter, exactly the opposite is the case: the only guidelines I have to adhere to are determined by the edge of the canvas. For me it is important to have both: rules and freedom.

Your paintings put the spotlight on anonymous protagonists but at the same time have a personal touch. How do you develop your characters?  

I usually work in two steps: First, there is a continuous search for suitable image material. I often find the basis for my protagonists in magazines and books, but also on social media. These serve as inspiration. In the further work steps, I proceed extremely intuitively, which is probably the main reason for the personal character. 

What is the story behind the edition and NFT “My hands have always been cold”? 

The work was created in winter. Anyone who lives in Berlin knows how dark and cold the days can be here. There is the album "Crisis" by the band Alexisonfire, the front of which is adorned with a photograph of the hands of a person disfigured by frostbite. This picture and the fact that I always suffer from cold hands, were the basic idea from which I developed the story of a protagonist, whose physical complaints about the cold are transferred to the psyche. For the character it is impossible to feel any emotions. Just like it is the case with freezing, everything slackens and finally becomes anemic and rigid.  

Tobias Vetter's work "Always Cold" will be exclusively available on misa.art as a Physical Edition as well as a NFT Drop from June 17th - July 15th. The artist also exhibits various works as part of the group show Lorem Ipsum during documenta fifteen in Kassel starting June 17th. 

Credits: Levin Gilb