“When I’m in my studio scanning my pictures and thinking about my work, I think ‘Break my heart and you will end up not in one of my works but probably in a whole series of them’“, says Navot Miller who was born in Israel in 1991 and lives and works in Berlin.

He documents banal scenes of everyday life and creates collages from them to form artworks. Throughout his work, he makes reference to his own personality by means of radiant colours and short videos. But to see his idiosyncratic, flamboyant use of colour as no more than a signifier of queerness would be to fall short of the truth. Far more, the vibrant colours in his practice indicate to the viewer that what they see is a highly subjective re-examination of reality, as seen through a lens of memory and feelings. Working mainly with oil- and water-based paints, Miller explores flatness as a means of creating a sense of silent drama and voyeurism.


Miller is part of MISA DISCOVERIES, a format that presents twenty artists from a new generation. The group exhibition at St. Agnes in Berlin consists of individual presentations that have been shaped by the social, cultural and political change of recent years. In each booth, visitors get a deeper insight into the specific work methods and visual language of the young generation of artists. MISA DISCOVERIES offers the chance to discover courageous artistic positions that will have a decisive influence on the art market in the years to come. 

Please click HERE to browse through the available work by Miller that is on view at ST. AGNES until 19 September 2021.


Navot Miller, Studio
Navot Miller photographed by Agustin Farias
Navot Miller, Aaron and a boy in Airbnb in DTLA on October 14th, 2016, 2021 
Navot Miller, Samuel in Glenarm Road in Homerton and tree from Hampstead Heath, 2020 
Navot Miller, Benny and Ally microdosing in Mallorca, 2021