Having grown up looking at screens of all kinds, Ana Karkar integrates film, television, music videos and found images into her paintings. Her works depict the human form, suggesting a return of the soul to the body. They are a mise-en-scène of the body, even though if it has been assailed and reconfigured by external forces of the world.

Her portraits of women can sometimes seem particularly overwhelming. Karkar possesses the fundamental means for presenting material in its full form. Authentically, hauntingly, cruelly, yet peaceably – all at the same time.


Karkar is part of MISA DISCOVERIES, a format that presents twenty artists from a new generation. The group exhibition at St. Agnes in Berlin consists of individual presentations that have been shaped by the social, cultural and political change of recent years. In each booth, visitors get a deeper insight into the specific work methods and visual language of the young generation of artists. MISA DISCOVERIES offers the chance to discover courageous artistic positions that will have a decisive influence on the art market in the years to come. 

Please click HERE to browse through the work by Karkar that is currently on view at ST. AGNES in Berlin.  


Ana Karkar, Gemini, 2021
Ana Karkar, Pipe Dream, 2021
Ana Karkar, Freak on a Leash, 2021