Super Future Kid was born in East Germany in 1981. The fall of the Berlin Wall, and the subsequent heightened experience of delving into late 20th century pop culture, left a lasting impression on her, that has since been explored through colour-drenched characters displaying a range of fleeting emotions. Boredom, apprehension, friendship, serenity and longing have all appeared on the faces of the people within her playful, hyper-surreal landscapes.

Super Future Kid’s paintings come out of a commitment to and need for the process of imaginative immersion as experienced in childhood, where there are less reality-tied limits and an alternative world can be brought into being. Her work is figurative and graphic, channelling traditional portraiture and narrative painting through a lens influenced by digital drawing. Each sets up to be strongly relatable even though the environments are surreal and dreamlike. Human emotion, or perhaps the encompassing idea of feeling, which stretches from internalised to haptic experience, is embodied in her work. It is given life through the careful observation of facial expression, posture and movement of bodies. 

The chance to see the joy, get involved and feel the energy is an important part of Super Future Kid’s offer to the audience, an invitation to positivity and relaxation. She taps into familiar elements of everyday life and culture connecting to memories and associations, looking for ways that viewers can see themselves in the work and revel in a millennial balancing act of knowing and excitement, technology and wholesomeness, rave and nature.

There is an element of self-portraiture within Super Future Kid’s paintings, through depiction and hints of interactions, relationships and inspirations. A mechanism of self-reflection through individual vignettes that could be storybook pages or scenes from a film, made partly as a way to understand herself and the wider world.


Miller is part of MISA DISCOVERIES, a format that presents twenty artists from a new generation. The group exhibition at St. Agnes in Berlin consists of individual presentations that have been shaped by the social, cultural and political change of recent years. In each booth, visitors get a deeper insight into the specific work methods and visual language of the young generation of artists. MISA DISCOVERIES offers the chance to discover courageous artistic positions that will have a decisive influence on the art market in the years to come. 

Please click HERE to browse through the work by Super Future Kid that is on view at ST. AGNES until 19 September 2021.


Super Future Kid, Grizz Lee, Bear with me!, 2021
Super Future Kid, We flutter by, bearly shy, 2021
Super Future Kid, I'm Windy Cindy, draw me stormy!, 2021