Soft, muted tones harmoniously fusing into one another telling tales of the artist’s subconscious: Cevin Parker uses color in an emotional way as a constantly evolving source of inspiration in his abstract paintings. The self-taught Berlin-based artist reflects his emotions and subconscious, inspired by concepts from an impulsive vision or an unexpected muse. His approach, Cevin Parker himself describes as emotional art, revealing traces of memory, which are a sensitive reflection of the world without ego.

Cevin Parker’s intuitive way of creating revolves around intimate topics. By bringing his own world of thoughts onto the canvas, Parker creates a sensual relationship between the painting and the viewer, connecting the harmonious tones of the environment to the emotions he creates within. Parker works on canvases with acrylic paint and uses research in the psychology of color to give his works a sensual effect. The harmonious tones of the environment connect his audience to the emotions he senses while painting.

Thus, his works become references to their own spaces of thought and action, oscillating between light and darkness. Through the interplay of chance and planning, where he continuously varies the color palette while maintaining the same dynamic, the works evoke ambivalent associations. From poetic to dangerous, from aesthetic to thoughtful.

His emotional art requires a special way of working, which Cevin Parker has developed over the years: The background texture of the canvas is built up by layered spray paint to imprint the canvas and capture a wide variety of emotions. At the same time, expressive acrylic color imprints narrate the artist’s experiences, in which he completely draws on his emotional state in his studio in Berlin.

Cevin Parker’s work “Lovely Dream” is released as a 24-Hour Physical Drop on September 15th at 6PM CEST. Each edition is individualized by the artist himself by completing the painted line of the print with acrylic paint. Sign up HERE to get updates on the drop!


Lovely Dream

Cevin Parker

Lovely Dream