Authentic, bold, and rather provocative – Evelyn Weigert’s art comes straight to the point, no detours, and no pretending. The way she lives and appears as an author, singer and hostess, she also brings onto the canvas. With her nature Evelyn Weigert polarizes and transforms that into her art. As a full-blooded feminist, Evelyn sees women as her source of inspiration and with her paintings creates stories leading female characters. Portrayed mostly as nudes and with bodies in all shapes, either fat, thin, tall, short, old or young, the artist endows each character with magic of their own. Their message: female empowerment. 

Evelyn Weigert’s artistic approach is minimalistic. Solid, monochrome surfaces, framed by hard outlines define her comic-like archetypal figures, that are the superstars of her paintings. A plain background is the stage for the colorful characters and puts them in the spotlight even more. By using acrylic paint, Eveyln brings her figures to life. Nude women wearing cowboy-boots, a topless ballerina or Mother Mary with lip fillers radiating a magic their own, a beauty unique in the literal sense of the word, which the viewer cannot escape. 

Looking at Weigert’s paintings, the viewer can sense the artist’s personality on one side and an ironic comment on society on the other. “Many women, including myself, doubt themselves so much. With my pictures I try to change the perspective. Most people smile when they see my art - because many also recognize their own supposed flaw in it and realize that it doesn't matter”, says the artist about the vision behind her paintings. A vision, which she not only communicates through art but also with her writing, her podcast or music.  

In cooperation with Kunst100, Evelyn Weigert releases a 24-Hour Physical Drop, which will exclusively be available on from May 26th at 6PM CEST for 24 hours.