Gamze Yalçın is a Turkish artist who lives and works in Berlin. While studying and working as an interior designer in Istanbul, she discovered the world of art and illustration and developed it into one of her greatest passions. Ever since, Gamze has been establishing her very own style inspired by nature, dreams and the cosmic world. Her works are characterized by a colorful palette and motifs revolving around cosmic signs, love, female empowerment and travel.  

When painting, Gamze Yalçın mostly has her mind set on how she wants the outcome to look like. Once the sketch is done, she lets herself go with the flow and be guided through the process by her colors. To create her works, Gamze not only paints on canvas but also adorns murals with her art. With that, she combines two of her passions – traveling and painting – and creates mural art in the places that she visits. Walls in Ecuador, Bali, Georgia or Turkey show a colorful guise in distinctive Gamze-style. Her artworks have been showcased in cities across Europe such as Istanbul, Berlin, Madrid, Bruxelles, Athens or Valparaiso.  

Reoccurring motifs in Gamze’s works are strong and empowered women, who are one of the artist’s main sources of inspiration: “I’m inspired by their independence”, she says. Women, who she has met, has built a connection with or who have influenced her in any kind of way are abstractly and colorfully portrayed in her works.  

In collaboration with Kunst100, Gamze Yalçın releases her edition CURIOSITY limited to 100 pieces, which is exclusively available on Each edition will be individualized by the artist herself by adding personal details on the painting.