Artist duo hola i chau plays with contrast, duality and opposites, capturing that sense also with their name referencing the binary greetings hola (hi) and chau (bye). Originally from South America, the duo now is based in Berlin and focuses on amalgamating fragments of the everyday in its artistic practice. By using silkscreen in an untraditional way and developing a dynamic that dictates a mode of action, hola i chau embrace inconsistencies and visual discordance to celebrate the possibilities latent in the unexpected. The duo has found a characteristic style by interlacing of contradictions, contrasts, decompositions and regeneration that form the core of their conceptual interests.  

hola i chau stand for working from opposites but finding new possibilities to complement each other and finding the mutual. Their unconventional way of working with silkscreen sees the artists honoring the work process itself as much as the final work. Each decision is made in response to the previous one, varying in gesture, color and texture, which allows the artists to create a visual pattern of call and response where color and form manifest within a flexible system. With each different layer of silkscreen, hola i chau tell stories based on the subconscious, other layers of consciousness and other mental stages. With their special technique of work, they manage to create a feeling of unexpectedness, desire and change.  

Alongside their focus on silkscreen works, hola i chau have also established themselves as sculptors, which the artists create out of found materials, transforming debris and discarded matter into objects worthy of contemplation. Their characteristic works have been exhibited in cities across Europe as well as South America.  

In collaboration with Kunst100, hola i chau release their edition EL TIEMPO SE ABRE limited to 100 pieces, which is exclusively available on The work is an original acrylic on paper monotype individualized by the artists with an intervention with acrylic paint and acrylic marker on fine art print.