Janine Kuehn’s visual world is a dreamy one, consisting of minimalistic aesthetics, vibrant colors and a sensual radiance. In her world, the artist controls every detail but manages to leave space for chance to work its magic. To be able to create these captivating images, Janine Kuehn merges fine art with photography, explores the weirdness in everyday life and plays with the hidden harmonies of motif.  

Coming from a background of visual editing, styling and theatrical make-up, Janine Kuehn has always had an eye for beauty and amplifying allure and in her art uses extensive editing to match the raw material to her perfection and imagination. Hours and hours of post-processing are the key to the image she wants to create. “I like working with natural light, it allows for more random moments. The apparent perfection actually comes in a final cleanup. Planned perfection bores me”, she says about combining perfectionism with spontaneity.

(c) Patrick Citera

The Berlin-based artist focuses on portrait and fashion photography, still life and abstraction shots, which come together in a coherent but diverse oeuvre. Her coherent themes are humans and their relation to another, style, the odd and the obscure but also likes to examine the depth of scenery and technique. Janine Kuehne mostly works with dancers, actors or musicians capturing their artistic expression. For recent projects, Janine Kuehn has been working with the likes of Adidas, Universal, Die ZEIT or Boiler Room.  

In collaboration with Kunst100, Janine Kuehn releases her edition BONJOUR limited to 100 pieces, which is exclusively available on Each edition will be individualized by the artist herself by changing the background color.