When describing Berlin-based artist Jonathan Esperester, the word storyteller is the definition that comes to mind. With the classical means of painting as his skillset, his private picture archive consisting of three generation’s images and his curiousness for interesting moments, figures, colors and patterns, Jonathan creates collage-like paintings telling stories to give his viewers the ability to classify themselves and the world around them. Through his collage-like branching, anachronistic constellations and unknown history emerge, beyond space and time. With this way of working, Esperester creates a multi-dimensional image with its location uncertain, whether in the past, present or future.  

By using the medium of paint analogously to memory, Jonathan Esperester oftentimes overlapses connections of subject, culture, and nature and allows the viewer to become part of this fictional narrative. The figures he brings to life with his works remain anonymous, but through the figurative elaboration they still seem to be tangible.  

His special way of working bases on experimenting with a wide variety of painting substrates such as wood, PVC, canvas and paper on which he paints with oil and acrylic paints, varnishes, colored pencils and charcoal. Additionally, Jonathan Esperester works on his substrates by gluing, scratching and repainting and through this approach manages to create a new content dimension which also gets an expression in the material.  

In collaboration with Kunst100, Jonathan Esperester releases his edition CARRERA limited to 100 pieces, which is exclusively available on Each edition will be individualized by the artist himself, silver plating with silver leaf at the disco ball and using silver paint on the slot car racing track. Sometimes there is also a Carrera car added.