Ju Schnee belongs to a very special artist breed, that creates authentically in the realms of the analogue and digital. With her art, she stirs up a dialogue of an abstract painted world and the physical object and explores the unlimited field between the digital and physical. In between those two opposites, Berlin-based Ju Schnee uses every centimeter to explore artistic aspects of everything physical and virtual. From abstract paintings, to the manifested sculpture, to the reaction via augmented reality and the return to the digital world, Ju Schnee feels most at home when creating multidisciplinary and hybrid works.  

Her artworks are characterized by colorful and dynamic figures, sometimes static, sometimes moving in an endless motion. By putting her distinctive shapes together on oil paintings, as sculptures or as AR figures, Ju Schnee tells different stories creating a balance of imagination, manifestation and reaction. The process starts in a traditional way with a rough analogue sketch on paper, which is then transferred to the digital sphere into a digital scene. After that, the scene is brought onto an analogue medium, for example canvas. The creation on the canvas then again is transferred into the digital world. The whole process is a two way street, moving back and forth between those two opposites and works as a harmonious synergy resulting in two final artworks: a physical painting and an AR video.  

Ju Schnee’s distinctive works have been on display at various art fairs or galleries in Germany, Austria or Belgium and will make the jump to the Southern hemisphere, to Seoul.  

In collaboration with Kunst100, Ju Schnee releases her 24-Hour Physical Drop TIMEFRAMES, which is exclusively available on from June 2nd 6PM CEST for 24 hours only. Each edition is created trough a unique AR video. The algorithm produces 200 frames, one of which is selected by Ju Schnee and printed at a time, making each print and AR video unique and can be viewed via this link.