Pascal Möhlmann finds himself somewhere in between the tradition of the old masters and the modernity of Neue Wilde, combining brush strokes close to perfection with subjects of popular culture. Möhlmann’s fascination for the classics of art history has its origins in the heart of traditional art – the Louvre. Captivated by Jacques Louis David‘s "Coronation of Napoleon", he decided in that moment to pursue a life as an artist.  

Over the years, Pascal Möhlmann has developed his style “New Beauty” visually appreciating the beauty of things in nature or people. The depiction of these things, the act of reproducing them, translating them on a two-dimensional surface into volumes, lines and colors is Möhlmann’s most important motivation to work as an artist.  

Möhlmann’s distinctive style has captivated the attention of the scene and has led him to collaborate with the late designer Virgil Abloh and portraying tennis star Roger Federer. For Abloh’s brand Off White, he created the painting “For Ever” which adorns an Off White-sweater for the 2020 spring-summer pre-collection. Portraits, like the one Möhlmann created for Roger Federer, are the dominant motif of Möhlmann’s oeuvre. Around these figures, the artist creates sceneries oftentimes originating in the digital spheres. How people appear on social media, their first-world problems and trends happening online fascinate the artist and influence his approach.  

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