He is at the forefront of digitally created art and has been exploring the field of CGI and AR since the early 00s: Tim Berresheim. The artist has been exploring the possibilities of the virtual part of art by pursuing a digital first approach. Berresheim’s work flow starts with producing artworks made with CGI and DGI and realizes them in form of sculptures, 3D-, silk screen- and c-prints. In his digitally generated models of contemporary visual cultures, with all their hybrid set pieces from art and image history, he explores immanent design scopes, meanings, and possibilities for a future artistic practice.  

Part of his practice is also the additional component of AR, which he has explored and implemented in his creative process since 2015. The field of augmented reality has led Tim Berresheim to create various perspectives, depictions of 3-dimensionality and movement. At the cutting edge of what is technically feasible, he is always looking for new pictorial inventions. In his artistic research, high-tech is combined with a DIY mentality, which shapes Berresheim’s pioneering approach.  

Tim Berresheim is based Aachen, Germany, where he founded the Studios New Amerika and the exhibition space ‘Auge & Welt’’. His works have been exhibited internationally in Germany, USA or UK.  

Honoring World Ocean’s Day on June 8th the 24-Hour Physical Drop by German artist Tim Berresheim will support the environmental organization Parley for the Oceans and is exclusively available on