Ten years ago, Tobias Vetter decided to make the move from Germany’s countryside to the city of Berlin. The change of scenery switching natural landscapes for concrete jungle should not only have significant impact on Vetter himself, but also on his inspiration and way of expression. The scenic, cultural and aesthetic clash he reflects in his works as an artist until this day. Therefore, Tobias Vetter doesn’t limit his artistic expression on one medium but brings his art on canvas, works with stone to create sculptures and as a tattoo artist perpetuates motives under people’s skin.  

While Vetter chooses garish, almost loud colors for his oil and acrylic paintings, he prefers to keep it simple and monochrome when it comes to tattooing. When painting, Tobias Vetter likes to create on large scale canvas bringing anonymous protagonists to life. His captivating characters oftentimes find themselves in surreal situations, all of which captured in an intoxicated state. His holistic artistic approach also finds ways of expression in creating symbolic sculptures fabricated out of stone or glass.  

Above it all, lies the vision of reflecting on the lightness of being. In doing so, Tobias Vetter uses a powerful and colorful yet melancholic and dystopic way and applies reverse psychology and contrasts opposites: The louder the colors and sounds, the calmer the works radiate. By bringing those contrasts into art, Tobias Vetter states the opposites of our lives and everything we unite in us.  

Tobias Vetter's work "Always Cold" will be exclusively available on as a Physical Edition as well as a NFT Drop from June 17th - July 15th. The artist also exhibits various works as part of the group show Lorem Ipsum during documenta fifteen in Kassel starting June 17th. 

Credits: Levin Gilb