“The lines and elements in my paintings are an extension of my body and its movements“, says Xiyao Wang. 

Wang’s works focus on the way different life experiences merge and bring forth new creations. In the process of painting, she translates her inner emotions onto the restricted outer space of the canvas, exploring how the relationship between canvas and body can be fully maintained even while she is physically moving. She focuses on the tension between movement and action, exploring how the toughness that comes with inner constrictions can be balanced with the complementary pull that these constrictions cause.


Wang is part of MISA DISCOVERIES, a format that presents twenty artists from a new generation. The group exhibition at St. Agnes in Berlin consists of individual presentations that have been shaped by the social, cultural and political change of recent years. In each booth, visitors get a deeper insight into the specific work methods and visual language of the young generation of artists.MISA DISCOVERIES offers the chance to discover courageous artistic positions that will have a decisive influence on the art market in the years to come.

Please click HERE to browse through the work available by Wang that is on view at ST. AGNES until 19 September 2021.


Xiyao Wang, Studio
Xiyao Wang, Solo Booth, MISA DISCOVERIES, 2021, photographed by Roman März
Xiyao Wang, Noto, 2021
Xiyao Wang, Underwater Symphony, 2021
Xiyao Wang, Pikachu, 2021