One knows Jean-Remy von Matt as one of the most influential advertisers worldwide. The founder of Jung von Matt has always had a thing for art and deepened his passion a while back when he started creating time-based media, installation and conceptual art. Jean Remy’s works revolve around life as such and its finiteness. At the POP-UP at Gallery Weekend Berlin, the artist shows his installation “The Time They Have Leftvisualizing people’s remaining time to live 

What three words would you choose to describe your exhibited work at POP-UP?  

Life, time, goals.  

What is your work process like? 

Everything starts with a thought. The rest is try, discard, try, discard, try. 

What story does your artwork tell?  

For a more conscious approach to one's own finiteness.  

How do you overcome self-doubts when creating?  

Self-doubt is unpleasant, but it is crucial for personal development. That's why I never want to overcome them. 

Where do you take your inspiration from?  

Everything I have been allowed to experience so far - and had to. 

What reactions do you hope to receive by your observers?  

We know that we should be mindful with limited resources, but make and too little aware that our lives are also one. 

Jean-Remy’s artpiece is on display at POP-UP at Französische Straße 48 from April 28th to May 1st. Get your ticket here!