There are many ways of transforming the art market and making it a more digital place, but few have proven to be sustainable. To really revolutionize something that has established itself for as long as the art market has done, it takes a whole new way of thinking. misa.art and Kunst100 both have established their very own concepts of a digital art world, both have the urge to change and democratize it and have now teamed up for a collaboration releasing six edition drops. 

The carefully curated selection focuses on emerging artists, who combine various movements ranging from silkscreen, painting, and photography to digital art. Among the works are provocative statements, perfectionist photographs, artworks that disappear between physical and digital space, and works that captivate through experimental collaboration. 

misa.art and Kunst100 both bring their established concepts to the collaboration: While painter Evelyn Weigert and multidisciplinary artist Ju Schnee both are releasing a 24-Hour Drops, photographer Janine Kuehn, artist duo Hola I Chau, artist Gamze Yalçın and painter Jonathan Esperester will drop editions limited to 100 pieces. And as always, each edition is individualized by the artists in a personal way.  

Within the timeframe of a week, from May 26th to June 2nd all six editions drop on misa.art. Evelyn Weigert will do the opening to the misa.art x Kunst100 cooperation on May 26th with a 24-Hour Physical Drop.