It’s that time of the year again, when Online Marketing Rockstars from near and far are gathering for the annual OMR in Hamburg. misa.art is part of the conference’s 2022 edition in two ways: While Lena Winter, Director of misa.art, and Anna Graf, Director NFT, will be speaking live on stage alongside the likes of Quentin Tarantino or Ashton Kutcher about the vision and future of misa.art, the latest edition drops, fine art and NFTs are on exhibition at the misa.art booth in hall A1, stall D01. Visitors can deep dive into the world of art, learn about how to get started in the market, whether as a collector or an artist, or find answers to all their questions about NFTs. 

During the event of Online Marketing Rockstars 2022, artist Paul Schrader releases a 24-Hour Physical drop, which will exclusively be available on misa.art for 24 hours until May 18th 6PM CEST. Additionally, NFTs by Christian Holze, Lichterloh, LoopingLovers and Florian Adolph are on exhibition and on sale during OMR. 

Paul Schrader - Time

Paul Schrader, Time, 2022

The work TIME by Paul Schrader reminisces about graffiti of the early 90s, playing with colors and layers, merging fine color nuances like poetry. Each edition is individualized by Paul Schrader himself, by spray-painting a finish on the corner of the work. 

The NFTs on display at OMR capture the Zeitgeist of digital art and give an overview of the artists' various approaches: Generative audiovisual videos by Lichterloh, an AR sculpture by Florian Adolph, video loops based on physical paintings newly interpreted by Christian Holze and captivating animations by Looping Lovers.  

Florian Adolph - NFT

Florian Adolph, Untitled

misa.art is on location at OMR Hamburg May 17th to May 18th with a booth at hall A1, stall D01. The 24-Hour drop by Paul Schrader and the NFT drops are exclusively availble on misa.art.