Welcome a new week with your dose of art on! A very special 24-Hour Edition Drop by Ruohan Wang, consisting of three different motives, will be released this Thursday, September 29th. Digital artist Mamadou Sow has just published his NFT collection "African Gothic". Additional coins to Elliot Dodd’s NFT series "Super Normal Currency" have dropped, completing the collection, and we’re presenting the artwork of the week “Roses, Tulips and Narcissi in a Glass Vase with a Butterfly” by Christian Holze.

24-Hour Edition Drop by Ruohan Wang  

Ruohan Wang’s work comes from the ingenious interweaving of contrasting and pure colors. The artist’s multicultural background has established the individuality of the surreal world in her works, where abstract figures meet real-life characters. With her 24-Hour Edition Drop being released on September 29th at 6PM, artist Ruohan Wang releases three of her works as physical editions: “The Bait”, “Bathroom in Barak Street 1” and “Love Letter and Doppelgänger” belong to the artist’s characteristic visual language of vibrant colors and open up a surreal world. Each edition is individualized by the artist herself with a hand-written, customer-specific sentence on the print relating to the artwork. Buyers of all three editions additionally can claim a free NFT by Ruohan Wang. Find out more about the drop and sign up for updates HERE

NFT drop: “African Gothic” by Mamadou Sow 

Senegal-born artist Mamadou Sow works with bright colors and brings his art to life creating exclusively on his iPad. By reflecting on problems of colonial pasts of major Western nations and their handling of provenance, restitution, and the return of looted objects and visualizing these rather personal issues in bright colors, Mamadou Sow has established his artistic language within the digital spheres. His work “African Gothic” shows the evolution of the African continent from the distant past to the near future, visualizing its history in three layers. The NFT collection dropped on this week - view the artworks HERE

Full series now live: “Super Normal Currency” by Elliot Dodd 

Artist Elliot Dodd created “Super Normal Currency”, thereby turning his distinctive playful art into a currency. The NFT series starts as gleaming, rotating coins and with the denominations increasing, so does the visual complexity of the coins. Vapid dilated eyeballs combined with icky, turgid flesh and hi-res mechanics, all clinging to a glowing gold coin. The complete series consists of five NFTs and all come with a physical good to celebrate the collector’s purchase. All coins are available on from September 21st onwards – browse through the collection HERE

Artwork of the week: “Roses Tulips and Narcissi in a Glass Vase with a Butterfly” by Christian Holze  

The artwork of the new week is presented by Christian Holze: The NFT “Roses Tulips and Narcissi in a Glass Vase with a Butterfly” is based on a floral painting that was obtained from an art copy manufacturer's data archive. The reference image is chosen at random by a computer and covered with a 3D-generated paint splash. A splash is an inscription gesture in a piece of art that corresponds to the artist's signature. In his work, Holze combines various artistic categories into hybrids: sculpture, painting, 3D processing and installation. For him, exploring and dissolving these categories is just as essential as the fusion of analog and digital working practices. Check out the artwork of the calendar week 39 HERE!


Bathroom In Barak Street
The Bait

Ruohan Wang

The Bait