It’s this time of the year again when cities across the globe are turned into iridescent art spaces and the digital sphere turns into an online exhibition space. Get ready for a week packed with news on The 24-Hour Drop by Cevin Parker is coming up this Thursday, September 15th at 6PM CEST, Berlin Art Week kicks off this Wednesday, September 14th, including artworks by misa-artists Pascal Möhlmann and Georg Haberler amongst other, digital artist Jonas Lund is our artist of the week, and aligning with his edition drop, Cevin Parker presents the NFT of the week, "The Frequency"

24-Hour Drop by Cevin Parker  

Soft, muted tones harmoniously fusing into one another telling tales of the artist’s subconscious: Cevin Parker uses color in an emotional way as a constantly evolving source of inspiration in his abstract paintings. The self-taught Berlin-based artist reflects his emotions and subconscious, inspired by concepts from an impulsive vision or an unexpected muse. His approach, Cevin Parker himself describes as emotional art, revealing traces of memory, which are a sensitive reflection of the world without ego. His work “Lovely Dream” is released as a 24-Hour Drop on September 15th at 6PM exclusively on! Click HERE to sign up for updates on the drop! 

Berlin Art Week starts on September 14th

Every year in September, Berlin Art Week turns the city into a lucent place making art the main character. Over five days, berlin Art Week presents a diverse festival program of contemporary art in collaboration with galleries and museums around the city. Misa-artists like Pascal Möhlmann, Georg Haberler or Albrecht/Wilke are showing their works in various galleries – get in the mood and browse through their artworks HERE! 

Artist of the week: Jonas Lund 

Presenting Jonas Lund as the artist of the week! The Swedish artist is known for his works critically reflecting on contemporary networked systems and technological innovations. With his Jonas Lund Token, the artist created a digital community around his artworks. Browse through the artist's "Jonas Lund Collectibles",  a series of animals relating to human’s characteristics, HERE! 

NFT of the week: "The Frequency" by Cevin Parker 

Alongside his 24-Hour Edition Drop this Thursday, Cevin Parker presents the NFT of the week: His work “The Frequency” is part of his NFT series “Shapes of a heartbeat”. The NFT follows his artistic approach of translating his emotions into art and uses color emotionally as an ever-evolving source of inspiration in his abstract paintings. Get his exclusive NFT HERE!